US ZIP to Income

Introducing the “US ZIP Code to Income API”! This powerful tool allows users to easily retrieve important demographic information for any US zip code. By simply entering a zip code, users can access a wealth of information including the median and mean income for households, families, and non-family households. Additionally, the API provides the number of households in the area as well as the percentage of families living in poverty. This data can be incredibly useful for businesses, researchers, and individuals looking to gain a better understanding of the economic landscape of a given area. With this API, gaining access to accurate and up-to-date demographic information has never been easier. Try it out today and see the difference it can make in your research or decision-making process!

houseHoldMedianIncome- Household Median Income
houseHoldMeanIncome- Household Mean Income
familyMedianIncome- Family Median Income
familyMeanIncome- Family Mean Income
numHouseholds- Number of Households in the ZIP
nonFamilyHouseholdMedianIncome- Non-Family Household Median Income
nonFamilyHouseholdMeanIncome- Non-Family Household Mean Income
familyPercentPoverty- Percentage of family in Poverty

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