World Coordinate to Income

This API allows users to input latitude and longitude coordinates, and in return, it provides the per capita income of the area associated with those coordinates. This information can be useful for businesses, researchers, and developers to understand the economic demographics of specific locations. It utilizes data from sources such as the US Census Bureau and other government agencies to provide accurate and up-to-date information. With this API, users can easily access valuable economic information and make more informed decisions.

This API is designed to continuously update its data to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. The API uses a variety of data sources, including government agencies and other credible organizations, to ensure the information it provides is reliable and accurate. Additionally, the API is regularly updated to reflect changes in economic conditions, population demographics, and other factors that may affect per capita income. This ensures that users can trust the information provided by the API and make important decisions with confidence.

To enter a coordinate using positive and negative notation, use the following format:

Latitude (north-south): positive value for north, negative value for south
Longitude (east-west): positive value for east, negative value for west

For example, to enter the coordinate for New York City, you would enter:

Latitude: 40.730610
Longitude: -73.935242

Note that it is important to include the negative sign for the longitude, as New York City is located in the western hemisphere.

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